Monday, July 25, 2016


We had a roller coaster week. We had some excellent lessons and some lessons that would have been excellent if people didn't cancel. We did a lot of service this week. 

One of the Elders in the ward we are trying to help progress to the temple right now came with us to help build a widow a chicken coup. He really knew his stuff. I learned some good stuff about construction. We also did a service project for Jewel this week helping her clean out her yard. 

I would say the most important thing we did this week was going on splits with Jose Cuba. He just graduated this year. Knowing his was coming out with us I packed the evening with appointments with our coolest investigators and also made sure a cool member fed us dinnerI even cleaned the car for him. We had a really good time with him. At the start of the night he really wasn't sure but by the end he was asking us how he puts in his papers. The next day he came out with us again and we had dinner set up with the bishopSmirking face and they now are starting the process. It's kinda like pyramid scheme but with missionary work.

The alternator in our car broke yesterday and won't be fixed until tomorrow at the earliest. So we have and will be walking. We are trying to get members to take us. But it's really difficult to not
have a car here. Our area is probably the size of the Treasure Valley.

The best part of the week is how many people came to church. So many less actives and families that we are focusing on came to church. It was awesome. One family came that hasn't been to church for 4 years, they have a child that's 11 that needs to be baptized so hopefully we can keep helping them.


Elder Trev

It is better to dwell in the wilderness then with a contentious and an angry woman
-Proverbs 21:19

Monday, July 18, 2016

Missing My Summers

Honestly this week was rough, I just wanted to do fun stuff all week. Adding to that we had appointments with investigators fall through and other lessons where our members canceled on us. But that's all part of the mission.

A veces SatanĂ¡s le gusta molestarnos con tentaciones. On the contrary we did have some good experiences this week. Two weeks ago a man named Juan Lopez showed up at church with a semi active member. So we went and taught him with that member last week. Then this week, the member called us telling us that he was with Juan and that he wanted to talk. Juan told us that he wanted to be baptized right away. It was a well timed blessing for me from the Lord because I was just having a rough day. Reminds me of a scripture. Alma 26:27. It's hard teaching Juan because the member doesn't really know the gospel and my companion doesn't speak Spanish. However Kudos to this member for bringing his friend to the church. Turns out Juan's son had visited with missionaries before and is excited to be taught as well.

We had some other crazy experiences this week. We knocked into a woman's house who had a full beard and taught her a lesson. It was strange because I had seen the woman earlier that day and briefly talked to her at a place where we do service.

Sad story of the week: one of our investigators that we had previously felt suspicious about turns out to be in a homo sexual relationship, so that makes things extra difficult.

We went to the temple with one of my favorite members Brother Liggett this week, it was awesome. Brother Liggett's wife works at the temple and she showed us all the VIP stuff.

Love y'all
Elder Trev™

Monday, July 11, 2016

Bad Taste In Boats!!!

This was a good week. We had a good turn out at church this week and some good lessons also.
Our investigator Jewel came to church this week for the first time and I was so stoked about that. Jewel is such a baller. Idk how much I have told y'all about her but she has a food phobia, for three
months she only ate Cheeze -it's™, cereal bars, and Hi-C juice. Now she is actually getting over her fears and eating food but she has to be careful because she hasn't eaten real food in so long. We had a lesson with her and some less active members that live close to her (because
she lives way out in the boonies) and that went well.
We had 3 dinners last night; sometimes you show up to a lesson at people's houses and they just expect you to eat a full meal with them. So it's kinda a blessing and a curse. 

Last week a man named Juan Lopez just showed up to church with a member that's only partially active. We had a lesson with him that went really well. Our two other really promising investigators are the Teffinds and Sam.
Good news/cool stories:
One time our mission president gave us a training on referrals and told us that night if we did our best to ask for a member referral we would get one. That was probably 4 months ago. That night we did get a referral and we did start teaching him. And he got baptized this weekend in Grand Prairie.
Also one day our bishop in GP told us to ask this inactive lady for a referral, so we went over there and on the back of a receipt, she had a phone number already written out for us when we got there. She also gave us some good Mexican soda. We contacted that referral and taught her in a lavanderia (laundromat). Her and her three kids just got baptized last week too! 
It's nice to know that those simple things you do so often as a missionary will change into great stories.
Last story of the week. My companion doesn't know much Spanish and a Hispanic member of the Ward pulled me aside yesterday to ask me if my companion was "Talliban".
Elder Trev™

Saturday, July 9, 2016

A Little Love'n From Home

Curtis and Andrea for the win!!!

Happy 4th

Happy 4th
This week we did a lot of fun things. I didn't get transferred but I did get a new companion. Elder Ahmad; he is the only missionary in the world for Syria and he has some crazy rated R stories from his life that have been keeping me entertained.
We had an excellent baptism this weekend; wow there was some serious drama involved but it was all solved. The talks at the baptisms were amazing and the Ward showed this family some real support.
Yesterday we were doing some missionary work with one of my favorite members. We went to visit a hard to find recent convert that just moved from Utah and we had a friendly greeting with a 9mm.
Love Y'all
Elder Trev

Sister Smith in Trev's ward text me these two pic's with this cute note...
A family in our ward was having a bday party for Brynn (4tth birthday). She said she wanted her favorite people at her party. The Smith's (us) and her favorite missionaries. Elder Pattee helped decorate the cake and even put on a pink cape for her birthday. (Oh, and he played a mean game of spoons....but sadly lost.) 

Brynn's 4th birthday