Monday, November 6, 2017

Great Week

1. for the trunk or treat, we decorated our bikes. It was way fun.

2. This is some of my mission posterity. I am missing a grandson and a step-son. 

3&4 The familia Mejila, from Honduras, they are so awesome.  He is a less active member, she always reads what we ask her too, asks great questions and feeds us really well. 

Have a great week. 


Elder Pattee

Monday, October 30, 2017

Elder-ly Trev

So first we had a Halloween district meeting and that went super great. Everyone had to give a training while in their costume. I was an “old missionary” and imparted my two years of knowledge.

The wedding and baptism went great. I got to walk the bride down the isle. Then after wards I got to baptize the groom. Honestly my favorite part was confirming him, then the same day I got to give him the Priesthood. We brought Elder Coca down from Frisco for the baptism. It was great to see him.

I love y’all

Elder Trev

Elder Adams & Pattee, wedding coordinators

La Familia Luna

Elder"ly" Trev

Friday, October 27, 2017

Birthday Week

I had a great birthday week! The people here are awesome. On my birthday Arturo Luna asked me to baptize him, so that was a pretty cool gift. This is my 4th transfer teaching them. They are so golden. We are having the wedding and the baptism Wednesday, it's going to be rad!

Our lesbian investigators asked if they could he sealed in the temple this week; it was hard not to laugh. We had been pretty clear on the doctrine. But anyways Nichole (one of the lesbians) is moving in with her cousin and they accepted a baptismal date.

I love y’all again
Elder Trev

Mini Elder Trev

Pozole, Trev's new favorite dish

We had to celebrated without Trev or Dave

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Birthday Wishes

Life is going good here in Irving. The worlds most money family is finally getting baptized! They got their interview last night and got their marriage certificate this morning! This is my four transfer teaching them, I feel like I am baptizing my parents; it's pretty rad!
I love being on a bike. The weather is so fresh here and being outside is awesome! It just feels good to get your hair in the wind.
We had a killer lesson with our lesbian investigators. They committed to moving out, which is a pretty big step, they have been living together for two years. They also accepted an invitation to be baptized! It's been a crazy experience teaching them! They have strong testimonies, they read the Book of Mormon daily and they
aren't doing a sin church attendance.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

I love y'all

Elder Trev

Monday, October 9, 2017

6 guys one appartmenet

This was kinda a hard week for me, @least at the start. They split my area, so now there are four missionaries in my area. I am the only one that speaks good Spanish. I am back-up training an English missionary in a Spanish area. One of the missionaries in the other companionship is a white guy that has been a Chinese missionary his whole mission. Now it's his last transfer and president put him in the most Spanish place in the mission. 
It's been hard too because now there are six guys in our apartment and it's just a mess. Plus, the new missionaries didn't have a phone, bikes, area book, etc. Not to mention the heart break of losing half of our investigators. 
They literally expect me to set up all their appointments and tell them where to go, etc and I do it because I don't want to lose the investigators. 
We had some great stuff happen this week though. The Luna's asked me to baptize their daughter. I told the dad that he needed to do it. He is such a stud investigator, they come to church every Sunday. They just need to get married. Anyways it looks like he will get baptized the first of November and than he will be able to baptize his daughter like the last week. Anyways, I am excited to plan their wedding! It's been a long time coming. 
My whole district got doubled-out so,  I am the only person that isn't new to the area. So everyone is struggling to get adjusted, I trust our mission president though. The guy breeds success. 
Certainly a crazy week though. But I like my new companion and things are going to be better this week. 

Anyways I love y'all 

Elder Pattee

New Comp Elder Adams

Luan Family

Last Transfer

We are still waiting on transfer calls but it looks like I am staying. Which is cool because it's going to be a white transfer. I start my last transfer tomorrow, it still really hasn't hit me, which I think is awesome. I am going to be with Elder Adams who is new. Everyone says he is pretty cool! And Elder Coca is training too so I am going to be a
grandpa again!

This week we will got a refugee missionary from Puerto Rico, named Elder Celaya. He is way cool!

President asked Elder Coca and I to make a video for the mission. It's way cool! We are still waiting a little bit to release it, but it's RAD!

Anyways I love y'all!,,

Elder Pattee

We got this piñata for one of the missionaries that is going home this week. He is officially a "dead" missionary. Lol

Elder Coca, Elder Celaya and Elder Trev

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Picture this...

There is so much broken glass here. We get a flat tire a week. Yesterday we got two.

We got a call from the mission President last night and Elder Coca and I are getting a new elder from Puerto Rico, he got his mission call changed because of the hurricane. So we are way excited to pick him up

We have been working with a senior couple to do some family history with our recent converts. It's been pretty cool to see the spirit of Elijah. We are taking them to the temple Wednesday.

Sorry but we probably won't be able to email this week. We are going to a museum with our investigators (pic's below).

Elder Pattee
Church with Oscar
book for my future wife

my  posterity (mission children and grandchildren)
President Pattee

preaching to Jimmy Kimmel

Week 96 or something

We have been going hard and biking a lot here in Irving. There is no fat left on my body. I have been trying to eat more for breakfast and lunch but honestly I am just sick of eating too much. 

So it was cool being with the Arrazola's this week. It was like the third time I had been to their house but this time I looked at one of their pictures a little more closely and I saw my brother-in-law. Iwas like what the heck.
Super cool family. Turns out he and Chris were companions at one point.

Life is good and The Book of Mormon is true.
Elder Trev

Picture of Chris Trev fond at the Arrazola's home.

Monday, September 11, 2017

The end is near

This was a good week. It is has been weird with the end of my mission approaching rapidly. It kind just hit me the other day that missions actually have an end. 
But we are having a good time. We sat down with the senior missionaries and our recent converts to get going on their family history and it was pretty cool. It made me want to do some of my own. I love these converts.

Honestly I am just happy to be a missionary for right now. I just started reading the Book of Mormon again, and I hope to finish it before I finish my mission. I really like my ward. Elder Coca is learning a ton of Spanish, we just finished reading the Book of Mormon for Niños together. There was such a difference from how he reads now from when we started. 

It is still way different still having a new mission president but I like the guy. Idk if he will ever be able to replace President Taylor in my heart, but he is a good guy. 

I have been studying all the general conference talks by Richard G. Scott, he does his own Spanish translation for his talks. It's been fun to really study one apostle and learn from him. His Spanish really isn't that bad for an 80 year old white guy. 

The word is progressing here, we are teaching repentance with love and boldness and people seem to be listening. Some people need to spiritually wake up a little bit.

Les Quiero,

Elder Pattee

I broke my back last week doing service for the hurricane. We moved so much water it would blow your mind! The other people that were with us were dumber than Harry and Loyd. We have a new lesbian couple we are teaching that came to church for the first time this week so that was pretty dope!

Also if anyone was curious, I got more flat tires than I have fingers and
toes this week....

My district looking fly

Monday, August 28, 2017

Keepin it White

The best thing that happened this week by far was the baptism of Mica Ela and Ana. On Sunday we got to confirm both Ana and Mica Ela members of the Church. Elder Coca confirmed Mica Ela and I confirmed Ana. Valentin moved back down to Mexico with his family and he's going to baptize another one of his daughters. Love that guy.

Elder Coca, Ana, Mica Ela

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Sabes que, te voy a bautizar

We had a sweet baptism for Valentin. His wife came up from Mexico to see it! Ana Ocampo and Mica Ela are doing awesome, they passed their interviews with flying colors. They are all set to be baptized next
Elder Coca and I should be staying together. My other son Elder Hogg is training which means I am going to be a grandpa.
Lots of good stuff going on. We had our mission presidents fireside last night. We filled up the whole Stake center with investigators, it is  people cool getting all missions investigators in one place. Two Stake presidents spoke, some recent converts spoke and we had some cash money musical numbers.

I will try and write more next week, love y'all

Elder Trev


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Work smarter not harder

Life is chill here in The TDM. The strongest convert ever got baptized from my last area. Valentine is getting baptized on Saturday. And honestly the Lord is just blessing us. I wish I had the time to sit and write y'all but legit the mission is awesome.

Elder Trev

Elders Pearce & Andersen

Elders Coco, Pattee and Hogg