Monday, August 28, 2017

Keepin it White

The best thing that happened this week by far was the baptism of Mica Ela and Ana. On Sunday we got to confirm both Ana and Mica Ela members of the Church. Elder Coca confirmed Mica Ela and I confirmed Ana. Valentin moved back down to Mexico with his family and he's going to baptize another one of his daughters. Love that guy.

Elder Coca, Ana, Mica Ela

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Sabes que, te voy a bautizar

We had a sweet baptism for Valentin. His wife came up from Mexico to see it! Ana Ocampo and Mica Ela are doing awesome, they passed their interviews with flying colors. They are all set to be baptized next
Elder Coca and I should be staying together. My other son Elder Hogg is training which means I am going to be a grandpa.
Lots of good stuff going on. We had our mission presidents fireside last night. We filled up the whole Stake center with investigators, it is  people cool getting all missions investigators in one place. Two Stake presidents spoke, some recent converts spoke and we had some cash money musical numbers.

I will try and write more next week, love y'all

Elder Trev


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Work smarter not harder

Life is chill here in The TDM. The strongest convert ever got baptized from my last area. Valentine is getting baptized on Saturday. And honestly the Lord is just blessing us. I wish I had the time to sit and write y'all but legit the mission is awesome.

Elder Trev

Elders Pearce & Andersen

Elders Coco, Pattee and Hogg

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Another week here in Paradise

Another week here in Paradise. I legit really love this place. We have the most awesome family that is progressing nicely. It's an 84 year old grandma and her 19 her old granddaughter. The daughter is best friends with someone from my first area, who is now on a mission in Mexico. They finally told us this week that they want to get baptized and the mom of the granddaughter, who is a less active member came church for the first time in a long time yesterday. 

We had a lesson with them this week, the grandma told us she hadn't drank coffee in 8 days! I was so happy. I asked her why she had decided to stop and she said "because you said it was bad for me". She says it's really hard but we promised her it would be worth it. 

Pretty sure I got heat stoke on Saturday. We helped two different families move. Then had some long bike rides and I was not feeling my best. It's hot here but I survived. This summer has gone by so fast. 

There's this less active guy that I really like. He flips cars for a living and I just think it's so cool. Anyways, he is sealed to his family and everything but he moved out and now he lives in his shop. Every Sunday he tells me he will come, then he never does. Anyways this week I told him we were going to bike to his house Sunday morning before church and then he would take us from there. Anyways we went over there yesterday morning and he was all ready to go, it was awesome. I told everyone he was coming and no one believed me. But when we walked in together everyone really welcomed him. 

We live with two other Elders and they are having serious problems in their companionship. It's terrible! They will probably get emergency transferred today.

Anyways I love you,

Elder Pattee

Psalms 82:6 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Square Tires

Life is good here in Irving. We are going with the members. I like my new son, Elder Coca. He looks exactly like the guy from Wizards of Waverly Place, it's pretty funny. 

We had a sick meeting with our new misiĆ³n president yesterday and we are getting a lot of good stuff. It's kinda weird having to explain stuff to your mission president but the guy is a stud, he is a freaking Harvard graduate!

Anyways our investigators daughter got baptized in Mexico (see pic).  He came up to me after church and asked me to baptize him, so that will be pretty rad in a couple weeks!

We brought one of the priest out with us this week on bikes, at like the 3rd house he tossed his cookies. My companion and I were dying. I felt really bad, the kid had all the signs of heat strokes. It was a hard day for me and the priest, we both fell off our bikes! Another missionary broke my bike on an exchange so I was on the worlds worst bike! It had square tires with no tread, the peddle was bent and the seat was all sorts of messed up.  Anyways,  because there was no tread when I turned my bike slipped right out from underneath me.

I was reading Jacob 5 this morning in Spanish and my mind was just so enlighten! That's a bomb chapter

Elder Trev

Baptism in Mexico of our investigators daughter 
Elder Coco/Justin Russo

Special Trev