Friday, December 25, 2015

Early P-Day

The more Spanish I learn the more I realize I don't know. Nevertheless I am progressing even though some days I feel like I am not.

I wreck kids in quatro-square here. There is a whole district in my zone with kids from England and whenever I beat them I throw in a comment about the American Revolutionary War. 

My district here is like my family. We eat every meal together and work together. Not gonna lie we would never have even been friends at home (except for my companion, he is so funny and actually did a lot of the same stuff we did back in Eagle {email me personally for exact details})  Today two of the Hermanas in my district taught me as a mock investigator and they did such a good job. I had written down a list of potential problems and gave them a quick little back ground of my personality before they started. They did such an amazing job of relating to me and answering the questions. I definitely took some teaching strategies from them into my own lesson's.
I have this one mock investigator named Jose. I love this man so much. I smile the whole time we talk. He is from Guatemala. I hope I can have real investigators as cool as him because I literally love him and he is such a blessing. I will send a picture of us with him next week. 

I like teaching people, listening to devotionals and testimony meetings a lot more than class. But here soon I won't have to worry about that and I can just get to work. I love my teachers, they really care about us and want us so bad to be successful. They literally talk in Spanish 99% of the time, but every now and then they will get really serious and talk to us in English, just telling us how important this week is and miracles they had on their missions. I love it.
About a few times a week I usually get down on myself and think I am not progressing. When this happens I usually hop on a computer and listen to an Elder Holland talk to get amped again.

Love you all and Feliz Navidad 
Thanks to the Salomonson Family, Bingham's and all the others (I left my thank you list in my room) lo siento 
I'll throw you on the shoutout list next week.

Almost Got Hit By A Snowball

Friday, December 18, 2015

One Month Down!


This week was pretty awesome. I am learning a lot in Spanish. My teachers are awesome! They really care about me, help me learn Spanish and how to be a better missionary. I can't wait to get in the field like Brock G, sounds like he is killing it!

My companion and I "acquired a mini fridge in our room. Between that, the awesome Christmas set up my mom sent us and our Nerf basketball hoop  from Grandma Dixie, we easily have the best room in the MTC. Not to mention there are only two elders in a six person room. 

I have been studying a lot in the New Testament in preparation for the Bible Belt. Also it's the Christmas season and I just enjoy strengthening my testimony of Jesus Christ and his teachings. 
We got some new districts in our zone this week. It was awesome to welcome them in and be able to honestly tell them that this place is actually pretty cool, and just show them some of the tricks of the trade. 

I just want to give a big Christmas thank you to everyone that has been sending mail and packages. I am the mailman for my district. Other people get stuff from their families but no one else has friends that have been showing support like I do. It is so nice to get a package or letter after a long day of learning. Much gratitude to Phillips, Bryson's, Grieve's and Hurren's. 

I'm  glad the MTC is flying by. I wouldn't mind spending two years here in a lot of aspects. I learn so much. Go out and do some fun things for me. That is the stuff I miss the most. 

Elder Trev

My District

Glad I don't need glasses!

Friday, December 11, 2015

God has a hand in everything good‏.

After much pondering I have come to a conclusion as to why the food is to terrible here. Heavenly Father wants you to be hungry so you can learn to be spiritually fed. 

All kidding aside I am pretty much adjusted to life here at the MTC. It's seems like just yesterday that I sent out my last weekly email. 

Story of the week: Sunday was Fast Sunday and I really loved it, honestly. But then on Monday and Tuesday my companion was sick, so I had to stay in the dorms with him all day. Basically between fast Sunday and my companion being sick I only ate two meals in 72 hours. While I was in the dorm for two days straight by myself I got a ton of personal study in and that was actually pretty nice. I feel like it was honestly an overall blessing. I am beginning to realize a lot of tender mercies. Like for example today I really didn't want to get up on time but I did and for the first time since I have been here the showers actually had more than a trickle of water pressure. It made me really happy actually. 

There is some pretty cool guys in my zone and we end up staying up late some nights talking about business and politics. I made it a personal goal to get in bed on time from every night from now until Christmas eve. I am going to record my progress in my journal. 

We are learning a lot of grammar in Spanish right now. I really like learning nouns and verbs to expand my vocabulary but the grammar really isn't my favorite. Often times I'll run into a native Spanish speaker in the hallways and I can talk to them especially about church and mission stuff pretty easily. They are usually pretty nice to me and talk slow. I have met several Mexican's that are from Dallas, and they have given me good advice. .

Love you and miss you all.

Shouts to Steve Jones, and the DeMordaunt Family for the packages!

Trev talked Nathan and Ali into setting him up with in and out

Friday, December 4, 2015

Locked Out!

 This week has been my favorite week so far and time is flying by. I love the people I am meeting.  My teachers are pretty cool. My companion totally has a crush on my one teacher and it's so funny (but if you saw my teacher you wouldn't blame him). The whole class knows it and its hilarious. 

Ok funny story of the week. My companion was in the shower and I was in my garments with my towel about to get in the shower, when I shut the door behind me leaving the key to our room inside. So me being a problem solver went and asked some other missionaries if I could borrow some clothes. My companion wasn't very happy that he had to walk down the main hall of the MTC, going commando in borrowed clothing to see if we could get another key. I thought it was so funny and had a smile on my face the whole time but He was actually pretty mad. 

But that same evening we got a package from Halsey full of caffeinated drinks and that boosted his moral. We also gave some drinks to the Elders we borrowed clothes from.

The best part of the MTC is the spirit. Every time I share my testimony or teaching a mock investigator I feel so good and it makes everything all worth it.

This place is an emotional roller coaster. I appreciate all the love I have felt from home, it makes me so happy! Cant wait to call home for Christmas!  

I love all of you guys and miss you so much.
keep me up to date on politics, news, sports and funny Eagle stories,

Elder Trev

Halsey Saves The Day!
Thanks For The Hoop Grandma Dixie!!!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

The MTC is growing on me. I have made a lot of new friends and that makes my life way better. Spiritually I am flourishing but, physically I am dying inside. 

The MTC has the culinary expertise of Morgan Firmage. For dinner the other day they served "cooked" salmon with an orange juice concentrate sauce on top. Color me embarrassed for the head "chef".

Learning Spanish is pretty fun. Funny story the other day my companion and I were teaching a mock-investigator and I mixed up "pescado" (which mean fish) and "pecado" (which means sin). Basically I told an investigator that after he gets baptized all his fish will be washed away. lol 

Thank you sooooo much for the letters and packages. everyone is so jealous of how good you guys treat me and how good my life was before. has been the best! 
love you guys,
Elder Trev

PS Please tell grandpa my temple session starts @ 2:30 so he'll have be there sooner.
PSS I love personal scripture study 
 My new home
Elder Snow
 A tast of home

Friday, November 20, 2015


I am still alive believe it or not. No one tells you that this place is completely off the grid. 
Saying goodbye to everyone was hard but as soon as I walked away I never looked back.

My companion is way cool. He played basketball in high school, and loves Star Wars. 
I have to try really hard to stay positive and awake in my classes. But I am doing a pretty good job.

I see Brock and Ellery all the time. The first night Brock and I ate dinner together. The first person I met in the MTC actually turned out to be Brock's companion, he said he was going to "Charlotte, North Carolina" and I was like 'NO way, the strongest kid in my town is going to that same mission and he reports today also. I bet you guys will be companions." 

So far my companion and I have a room designed for six people all to ourselves, which is super nice!!! There is so much room for activities. Please let me know if you do have any good ideas on how we can effectively use the extra space. 

For future reference Friday will be my Pday for the next six weeks. When you send my letter out to everyone, tell them my email is Also mom could you send me like Justin, Kaden, Brock, and the other Brock's mission emails because they all go to my gmail... Or just tell their moms to put me on their lists.

Please send Nerf basketball hoop ASAP!! 

Oh and Grandpa, my  temple days are Friday's and 2:30 for the next 6 weeks .

Miss and love you guys more than a missionary loves Pday!
Elder Trev

Drop Off Day:(

Tough goodbye!
 Jake, Nathan and Tanner showed up at the temple to say goodbye.
So blessed he could enter the MTC with his BFF Elder Grieve.

Mission Shopping Trip With Jake Oct 24

The Opening! August 25th

Tuesday, November 10, 2015