Friday, December 4, 2015

Locked Out!

 This week has been my favorite week so far and time is flying by. I love the people I am meeting.  My teachers are pretty cool. My companion totally has a crush on my one teacher and it's so funny (but if you saw my teacher you wouldn't blame him). The whole class knows it and its hilarious. 

Ok funny story of the week. My companion was in the shower and I was in my garments with my towel about to get in the shower, when I shut the door behind me leaving the key to our room inside. So me being a problem solver went and asked some other missionaries if I could borrow some clothes. My companion wasn't very happy that he had to walk down the main hall of the MTC, going commando in borrowed clothing to see if we could get another key. I thought it was so funny and had a smile on my face the whole time but He was actually pretty mad. 

But that same evening we got a package from Halsey full of caffeinated drinks and that boosted his moral. We also gave some drinks to the Elders we borrowed clothes from.

The best part of the MTC is the spirit. Every time I share my testimony or teaching a mock investigator I feel so good and it makes everything all worth it.

This place is an emotional roller coaster. I appreciate all the love I have felt from home, it makes me so happy! Cant wait to call home for Christmas!  

I love all of you guys and miss you so much.
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Elder Trev

Halsey Saves The Day!
Thanks For The Hoop Grandma Dixie!!!

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