Friday, December 11, 2015

God has a hand in everything good‏.

After much pondering I have come to a conclusion as to why the food is to terrible here. Heavenly Father wants you to be hungry so you can learn to be spiritually fed. 

All kidding aside I am pretty much adjusted to life here at the MTC. It's seems like just yesterday that I sent out my last weekly email. 

Story of the week: Sunday was Fast Sunday and I really loved it, honestly. But then on Monday and Tuesday my companion was sick, so I had to stay in the dorms with him all day. Basically between fast Sunday and my companion being sick I only ate two meals in 72 hours. While I was in the dorm for two days straight by myself I got a ton of personal study in and that was actually pretty nice. I feel like it was honestly an overall blessing. I am beginning to realize a lot of tender mercies. Like for example today I really didn't want to get up on time but I did and for the first time since I have been here the showers actually had more than a trickle of water pressure. It made me really happy actually. 

There is some pretty cool guys in my zone and we end up staying up late some nights talking about business and politics. I made it a personal goal to get in bed on time from every night from now until Christmas eve. I am going to record my progress in my journal. 

We are learning a lot of grammar in Spanish right now. I really like learning nouns and verbs to expand my vocabulary but the grammar really isn't my favorite. Often times I'll run into a native Spanish speaker in the hallways and I can talk to them especially about church and mission stuff pretty easily. They are usually pretty nice to me and talk slow. I have met several Mexican's that are from Dallas, and they have given me good advice. .

Love you and miss you all.

Shouts to Steve Jones, and the DeMordaunt Family for the packages!

Trev talked Nathan and Ali into setting him up with in and out

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