Friday, November 27, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

The MTC is growing on me. I have made a lot of new friends and that makes my life way better. Spiritually I am flourishing but, physically I am dying inside. 

The MTC has the culinary expertise of Morgan Firmage. For dinner the other day they served "cooked" salmon with an orange juice concentrate sauce on top. Color me embarrassed for the head "chef".

Learning Spanish is pretty fun. Funny story the other day my companion and I were teaching a mock-investigator and I mixed up "pescado" (which mean fish) and "pecado" (which means sin). Basically I told an investigator that after he gets baptized all his fish will be washed away. lol 

Thank you sooooo much for the letters and packages. everyone is so jealous of how good you guys treat me and how good my life was before. has been the best! 
love you guys,
Elder Trev

PS Please tell grandpa my temple session starts @ 2:30 so he'll have be there sooner.
PSS I love personal scripture study 
 My new home
Elder Snow
 A tast of home

Friday, November 20, 2015


I am still alive believe it or not. No one tells you that this place is completely off the grid. 
Saying goodbye to everyone was hard but as soon as I walked away I never looked back.

My companion is way cool. He played basketball in high school, and loves Star Wars. 
I have to try really hard to stay positive and awake in my classes. But I am doing a pretty good job.

I see Brock and Ellery all the time. The first night Brock and I ate dinner together. The first person I met in the MTC actually turned out to be Brock's companion, he said he was going to "Charlotte, North Carolina" and I was like 'NO way, the strongest kid in my town is going to that same mission and he reports today also. I bet you guys will be companions." 

So far my companion and I have a room designed for six people all to ourselves, which is super nice!!! There is so much room for activities. Please let me know if you do have any good ideas on how we can effectively use the extra space. 

For future reference Friday will be my Pday for the next six weeks. When you send my letter out to everyone, tell them my email is Also mom could you send me like Justin, Kaden, Brock, and the other Brock's mission emails because they all go to my gmail... Or just tell their moms to put me on their lists.

Please send Nerf basketball hoop ASAP!! 

Oh and Grandpa, my  temple days are Friday's and 2:30 for the next 6 weeks .

Miss and love you guys more than a missionary loves Pday!
Elder Trev

Drop Off Day:(

Tough goodbye!
 Jake, Nathan and Tanner showed up at the temple to say goodbye.
So blessed he could enter the MTC with his BFF Elder Grieve.

Mission Shopping Trip With Jake Oct 24

The Opening! August 25th

Tuesday, November 10, 2015