Tuesday, May 9, 2017


We had a good week. My face and hand are not perfect but both are healing really well. We took another trip up to Oklahoma and it went really well. We had some good lessons.
Our investigators are doing well. We are just praying for miracles. Here is a picture of my investigators house. They actually live there.

Love you all,

Elder Pattee

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Dog bit, tornado and a rash

Hey Y'all

We had a good week, 12 non-members came to Sacrament meeting yesterday. There was some pretty bad tornadoes here this weekend. We are totally fine.  The members said that it was the worst one they have had around here in 40 years. We are good out here in Gilmer though.
Elder Balls and I are heading up to Idabell, Oklahoma today to go hiking with the missionaries up there. They are the only companionship in that area so they are always alone on P-days and their area is not doing so great so we wanted to go do something fun with them.
I have had kind of a rough week. I got bit by a German Shepard and it was pretty deep, but we just decided to super glue it.  Now I have this rash on my face and my lips are like doubled in size. I don't think the rash is connected to the dog bit because the bit is healing well.
 No need to worry, I am sure I'll be fine. I didn't want to go to the hospital because they would have killed the dog that bit me;  it was our best investigators dog. Anyways if my face doesn't get better in the next couple days I'll go to the hospital.

I love y'all

Elder Pattee

Broken Bow River Oklahoma