Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Six months to sexy

Elder Coca is a baller. I love my new son. His name is Spanish for Coke so all members think it's hilarious.

Anyways, I wanted to share a miracle. Last week, we got a referral from the missionaries in Mexico. It was for a man whose wife is being taught by the missionaries over there. Anyways, we went to find him (his name is
Valentine). The address we were given only had the number of the apartment building, not the apartment number. So we just decided to knock the whole building, figuring we would probably find him as we asked around. While we were  knocking, we found an unknown part-member family from Central America! Then, through the mission office, we got in touch with the missionaries in Mexico. They gave us Valentines phone number and within the hour we were in a lesson with him.

Sunday, both Valentine and the new family from Central America came to church. It's cool to see how the Lord works. Valentines family is getting baptized on Saturday and I am sure he won't be far behind. This is good for Elder Coca and I. 

We bike like the dickens out here, but it's good as I continue my six months to sexy.


Elder Trev

Elder Coca and Valentine

Friday, June 30, 2017

Biking our tails off

Elder Hogg

You gotta know the bad to appreciate the good...

We have had some good stuff happen here. Tons of people I have taught from old areas are getting baptized, so that's awesome.
Here in the next week or so we will be having a baptism for a black man from Haiti. He comes to the Spanish branch because he knows Spanish and French but not English. He is really awesome guy.
I have been learning a lot of patience with my new companion; he is a good person but a hard companion at least for me. The transfer is already half over though and then he goes home. Plus we have been going on exchanges so I have time to get away. We live in an apartment with 4 missionaries and I am the only one that doesn't like Star Trek and world of war craft etc...it's a different world for sure.  But, you gotta know the bad to appreciate the good.
Our area is doing awesome though. The family in the picture is way cool though. We went over there and they would never answer.  I knew there was non-members in the house so we kept calling and going over. Finally we caught the mom outside cleaning her car one day and just got talking. I asked her if she had ever tried a root beer float before and she said no (they don't really sell root beer in Mexico). Anyways I convinced her to let us come back and make root beer floats with her kids. It was delicious and we ended up having a great lesson.
The son is a member and wants to pass the sacrament and the little girl asked us to baptize her. It great; I call it the root beer float miracle.
I am reading the New Testament now because I finished the Book of Mormon
last week. Turns out that book is true too!

I love y'all 
Elder Pattee

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Basically in Mexico

We had a good week. I am basically in Mexico now, most days we don't even speak English. It's also an all bike area. It's pretty fun and we have some cool investigators. I have been memorizing the living Christ, it is helping me a lot to stay focused.

I did my laundry this morning and somehow a red crayon got in there. When we pulled ALL of my white shirts and my garments out of the dryer, everything was tie die. I spent all morning with a scrub brush and bleach, which helped quite a bit actually. I am going to keep scrubbing tonight when I get home. It was pretty rough.

We both got flat tires this week and it rained so hard that we would've been dryer jumping in a pool.

That makes me so sad to hear about bishop. I really love him. 
I hope he gets better. 

love y'all

Elder Trev

I am in Irving. My address is
1721 E Grauwyler Rd #117 Irving Tx

Elder Davis

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


We had a good week. My face and hand are not perfect but both are healing really well. We took another trip up to Oklahoma and it went really well. We had some good lessons.
Our investigators are doing well. We are just praying for miracles. Here is a picture of my investigators house. They actually live there.

Love you all,

Elder Pattee

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Dog bit, tornado and a rash

Hey Y'all

We had a good week, 12 non-members came to Sacrament meeting yesterday. There was some pretty bad tornadoes here this weekend. We are totally fine.  The members said that it was the worst one they have had around here in 40 years. We are good out here in Gilmer though.
Elder Balls and I are heading up to Idabell, Oklahoma today to go hiking with the missionaries up there. They are the only companionship in that area so they are always alone on P-days and their area is not doing so great so we wanted to go do something fun with them.
I have had kind of a rough week. I got bit by a German Shepard and it was pretty deep, but we just decided to super glue it.  Now I have this rash on my face and my lips are like doubled in size. I don't think the rash is connected to the dog bit because the bit is healing well.
 No need to worry, I am sure I'll be fine. I didn't want to go to the hospital because they would have killed the dog that bit me;  it was our best investigators dog. Anyways if my face doesn't get better in the next couple days I'll go to the hospital.

I love y'all

Elder Pattee

Broken Bow River Oklahoma

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Que bárbaro

This was fast. We are so behind in our area. We have been helping out the other missionaries in our zone, so we haven't been in our area very much this week.
It was cool though I got to go up to Oklahoma and Arkansas and I was super close to Louisiana. The areas we went to for the most part are just having a hard time and the companionships weren't getting along. I got home and was super grateful to have the companion I have and the area I have. #SientoBendecido
Conference was great we had a bunch of investigators watching conference with different members, some of the talks were great for them! Not to mention our mission president got called to be a 70 and didn't even tell us. No one was really too surprised because the man is a baller but I was a little taken back by how soon it was.
We had Zone meeting this week and it was awesome. It was a meeting I'll never forget.
Time is flying by here in Gilmer. We found a new investigator named Charlie this week that I am really hopeful about.
Elder Trev