Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Square Tires

Life is good here in Irving. We are going with the members. I like my new son, Elder Coca. He looks exactly like the guy from Wizards of Waverly Place, it's pretty funny. 

We had a sick meeting with our new misión president yesterday and we are getting a lot of good stuff. It's kinda weird having to explain stuff to your mission president but the guy is a stud, he is a freaking Harvard graduate!

Anyways our investigators daughter got baptized in Mexico (see pic).  He came up to me after church and asked me to baptize him, so that will be pretty rad in a couple weeks!

We brought one of the priest out with us this week on bikes, at like the 3rd house he tossed his cookies. My companion and I were dying. I felt really bad, the kid had all the signs of heat strokes. It was a hard day for me and the priest, we both fell off our bikes! Another missionary broke my bike on an exchange so I was on the worlds worst bike! It had square tires with no tread, the peddle was bent and the seat was all sorts of messed up.  Anyways,  because there was no tread when I turned my bike slipped right out from underneath me.

I was reading Jacob 5 this morning in Spanish and my mind was just so enlighten! That's a bomb chapter

Elder Trev

Baptism in Mexico of our investigators daughter 
Elder Coco/Justin Russo

Special Trev

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