Monday, September 5, 2016

A Catholic a Mormon and an Arab walk into a meeting...

So we had a good week actually. We have been all over Dallas, we drive so much and it's undesirable being in the car with just another man all day long week after week. But we actually got to do some cool things this week. 

So Ahmad and I have been representing the church in our efforts with the Middle Eastern Refugees. It's like all these religious leaders from the Catholic Church and then Ahmad and I so it's kinda funny. But in what was probably the biggest meeting I was literally the only white guy in
the room. They all don't speak English well so a good part of the meeting they just did in Arabic.
Their biggest need right now is furniture so we have already started collecting couches for the refugees apartments. Ahmad will probably end up being a translator with them for the rest of his mission because he is the only member in the area that speaks Arabic. It's difficult because our mission president's father died and we haven't been able to communicate with him on these issues like we would like to.

Robin is getting baptized on the 25th of September so that will be awesome, as well as the daughter of the recently reactivated Ochoa family on the same day. We knocked a lot of doors trying to find new investigators, and we have found some success. It is really great to meet genuinely interested people.

Jewel actually came to church this week, which surprised me. Her grandson moved in with her and he is kinda giving her some new life. We played 18 holes this morning with a few of members from the ward. I have found the most humble sides of me really stand out when I am on a
golf course. But it was a good time.

Elder Trev Pattee

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