Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Que bárbaro

This was fast. We are so behind in our area. We have been helping out the other missionaries in our zone, so we haven't been in our area very much this week.
It was cool though I got to go up to Oklahoma and Arkansas and I was super close to Louisiana. The areas we went to for the most part are just having a hard time and the companionships weren't getting along. I got home and was super grateful to have the companion I have and the area I have. #SientoBendecido
Conference was great we had a bunch of investigators watching conference with different members, some of the talks were great for them! Not to mention our mission president got called to be a 70 and didn't even tell us. No one was really too surprised because the man is a baller but I was a little taken back by how soon it was.
We had Zone meeting this week and it was awesome. It was a meeting I'll never forget.
Time is flying by here in Gilmer. We found a new investigator named Charlie this week that I am really hopeful about.
Elder Trev

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