Monday, April 18, 2016

Swimsuit Edition

This week we planned and implemented an idea that I think worked really well and could be really productive for other missionaries or even the wards back home. Basically the idea was to get all of our highly progressing investigators together at the church for a lesson. We put together a power point with the use of a laptop from a senior missionary couple, with several videos that really demonstrate what the priesthood is and how we have it on the earth today. We ran the
power point by way of question and answer. We also brought an investigator that we have that wants to get baptized so bad but she can't because of pending legal issues, a very strong recent convert and the stake president who is also a convert.  All of these people were asked to bear testimony at the end and gladly accepted. We let the sister missionaries bring their best investigators too. We held the actually meeting in the chapel; towards the end of the
lesson all were invited to be baptized again weather they had been asked or not, all accepted. To finish off we all had ice cream of various flavors along with assorted toppings for a delightful meet and greet. It was actually really fun and totally worth the work of setting everything up.

On Sunday morning right before we were about to bike to church we got caught in a huge microburst right as we were headed out the door. Me, knowing that there had to be a good reason for me to bring my swimsuit on my mission, decided that it would be best to not get our suit pants soaking wet but instead to bike there in less formal attire and then change at the church. It was a good idea too. By the time we got to the church we were soaked, but we just changed and everything was cool. My companion didn't bring extra shoes and socks so he was at church for the next six hours in soaking wet shoes lol.

The last picture is of Peter, Prince, and Olu. They have all accepted baptism and will all be baptized here in the near future. They all share an apartment...but this week Peter and Prince got in a fight over a girl (Prince is 70) so Prince kicked Peter out of the house and Peter doesn't have a job so he was homeless (he asked us if he could sleep at the church). Anyways at church yesterday I think we helped put the pieces of their friendship back together. I guess I just wanted to give a special thanks to the EHS girls class of 2015 for helping me understand how to deal with all this drama; I couldn't have done it without you! Honorable mentions: Liv Demordant, Emily Clegg, Oakley Tanner, Molly Sawyer, Annie Johnson, Jamie Solomonson, Ali Snooks, Halsey Anderson.

I hope y'all enjoy this letter and have a great week.
Elder Pattee

Trev & Elder White

Peter, Prince, Elder White, Trev and Olu

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