Monday, April 11, 2016

What's in your wallet?

Hey I am taking a break from basketball to just shoot you guys a quick email about one of the cool things that happened this week. I think the coolest one is about this man that just moved here from Africa. The story is... The sister missionaries found his wallet that had dropped off his car. When they returned it to him, he was 'Eternally" grateful. He said he would do anything they wanted (literally all the money he had, passport, green card, and social security card were in there). So they asked him to come to conference and he did. He actually lives in our area so we taught him this week and he wants to be baptized so bad.  At his first Sunday in sacrament he asked me if could bare his testimony. He went up with his wallet that he found and stated very strongly that "this is the true church". It was awesome! Unfortunately he is going back to Africa for two months so I probably won't be here when he get back and actually gets baptized. But his two roommates gladly accepted our invitation to be baptized during our lesson last night. His testimony was way cooler than all the other testimonies this week,,,😬

My new companion is cool. We saw some really cool stuff this week. It's great to see how the Lord works. It's really different being in charge of the area now. It is stressful. Pero echamos nuestros ganas. I am learning a lot. I really didn't take very many pictures this week. So this will probably be a short email. But I look forward to keep y'all in the loop for this transfer.
Elder Trev

New Comp Elder White

Saying goodbye to Elder Gay

Elder Langi


  1. Great story, hope it's ok if I use that for sharing time next month?

  2. Great story, hope it's ok if I use that for sharing time next month?