Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Crazy, Not Accountable

This week was pretty good. We had an awesome turn out at church yesterday so that always
brightens the mood. Sunday's here in Greenville are so awesome. There is a missionary basket at church and all the old ladies fill it will various goodies every Sunday. Right after church we always go to our ward mission leader's house and eat lunch which is such a treat. Then the family dog comes and sits with me in a recliner while we wait for Brother Liggett to come over. He is a Ward missionary and so cool. He drives us all over East Texas to our far away appointments so we can
save miles. We typically have some very profound doctrinal conversations on the highway in between appointments.

This transfer flew by, I feel like I just got here to Greenville yesterday. The Major problem with this town is people drink so much here, It's worse than Pawnee Indiana.

We had some great lessons this week. Taylor and his Brother came to church this Sunday and are still appear to be strongly progressing. We taught a fun object lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Bro Sneed. Things seem bright for their baptismal date on July 2.
Chrystal's cousin Sam is a new progressing investigator. She even takes notes during our lessons. She has some issues with self confidence so she requested a lesson on "feeling accepted by others
and ourselves" so that was interesting but whatever. Her Grandma made us pie for an after lesson snack.
Things are good in Greenville, certainly hot thought.
Gracias a Dios que tenemos un carro
Les quiero
Elder Trev

Sis Allison Smith text us this picture

Elder Isaac

Button The World's Smallest Horse

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