Monday, June 6, 2016


Hey fam! Here is like two little things about this week. I have spent a good part of my email time for the morning translating lyrics for the song this week so I really hope y'all like it.

This week was actually really good though. This week flew by, we taught some great lessons and had some crazy adventures.

So to tell this first story y'all need to know that our Area of Greenville is huge. It goes all the way North to Oklahoma, it is just huge! So we were visiting families in the northern part of our
area this week. The day after one of many huge rainstorms. (The whole state is super flooded right now) anyways the first house we visited was up on a nice dry gravel road. The man wasn't very iterested but he was nice and told us to stay away from any "black dirt road".  We visited another family of members because we were in the area. We were on our way to the next appointment when we see "the black dirt road". It was the only way to get where we needed to go... We stopped, got out of the car to see if it was manageable for our Toyota Corolla #TeamToyota. Our shoes were covered in a heavy, mud, clay substance. The road was very skinny and flooded on both sides, leaving us no choice but to advance. We got as much speed as we could, due to the
mud we had no steering control whatsoever. We made it through safely and to our appointment. We saw and heard of several others with 4wheel drive getting stuck that same day that had to be pulled out with tractors. It's up to y'all to decide for yourselves if it was superior driving, or an answered pray that got us though and on our way.

The girls we baptized 3 weeks ago has grandparents that have been inactive for at least 10 years now. But they joined us in a lesson recently and she came to church for the first time in 10 years
yesterday. BooYa!

We had some good investigators at church yesterday as well. One family in particular has some drama at home and doesn't really have a stable gospel environment. They have been to church over 50 times. The problem is with the boys one is 8 and the other 11. They were living
with really active parents who were their foster parents. But as of this week they are living with their birth mom again who is also a less active member. It's a huge drama but we are just trying to do what's best for the boys in the end. But they came to church with their birth
mom this week so that's good.

Love y'all 
Elder Trev

Crystal's Grandma

Greenville Rest Stop

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