Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Trev Pulled A Brock

Honestly we had a bunch of cool stuff/crap happen to us this week. Some of it was really entertaining and fun/miraculous, others were just freaking weird and some were pretty scary or at least unpleasant. I am really not in the mood to type it all out. So I guess I won't. I am going with a different format today.

1 Yo, Élder Trev, nací de buenos padres. Y también soy de una cuidad
de bastante dinero. Es un poco difícil a describirles, cuan gran es la
vida aquí en Greenville.
2 La vida aquí es muy diferente, casi nadie tiene un trabajo que no es
en un rancho, o algo así.
3 Yo quiero terminar esta capítulo con mi testimonio. La doctrina de
esta iglesia es perfecto. La luz de Cristo es real. He visto cambios
en las vidas porque de esta luz. No hay otro camino a tener feliz para
las eternidades sin siguiendo las hermosos mandamientos de Dios. En el
nombre de Cristo Amen.

Google Translation:
1 , Trev Elder , born of goodly parents . And I 'm from a city
enough money . It's a bit difficult to describe, how great 
life is here in Greenville.
2 Life here is very different, almost nobody has a job that is not
on a ranch , or something.
3 I want to finish this chapter with my testimony. The doctrine of
this church is perfect. The light of Christ is real. I have seen changes
in the lives because of this light. There is no other way to be happy for
the eternities without following the beautiful commandments of God. 
 in the name of Christ Amen .
I wanted to leave y'all with a poem that has been running through my head through out my whole mission and even times before then. I have felt this to be inspiring and uplifting.
No matter where life takes me
You'll find me with a smile
Soon to be happy
Always laughing like a child
Never thought life could be so sweet
It's got me cheesin from cheek to cheek
And I ain't trying to wait for nothing
Because that just ain't my style
Life couldn't get better
It's gonna be the best day ever
-Malcolm Miller
All is well! Elder Trev

Here is my companion Elder Isaac with his stupid mug. We spent a good amount of time in Walmart this morning picking it upUnamused face I actually really like the guy though, we get along really well. Like for real he is cool. 

Almost as good as Idaho 

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