Monday, May 9, 2016

Top 5

Sorry the WiFi is broke at the church today and I don't want to spend forever at McDonald's to get WiFi. Honestly I really am not in the mood to write an email today. Just summarize our conversation from yesterday. You could also say in my group email that my companion fell off his bike and it was hilarious. He flipped right over the handle bars.

It certainly was fun talking to y'all yesterday but it was so weird.

Miss you lots,
Elder Trev

Top 5 FaceTime Memories
  1. He hates white people food.
  2. He love his mission but never wants to live in Texas (He's a true Spud).
  3. "You hear about so many rules on your Mission! Some of them aren't even real!!! My companion right now has tried to tell me about rules and I have to go through the handbook and prove him wrong. Some people become so obsessed with the rules and it slows down the work. Don't get me wrong, I actually am a pretty dang obedient missionary but I always do what's best for the work of God, not what's best for the rules." 
  4. "I really miss home. I just want to do something crazy and chill right now. The way I have been thinking about that kind of stuff recently is, comparing it to fasting. Basically I am fasting from all my favorite things for two years. Fasting is kinda cool though, it helps us appreciate stuff more, we get blessings for it  and gain better perspective."
  5. He told us a about a man who came to church Sunday saying he'd had a dream about two guy's in white shirts that had a message to share with him... The man totally want's to be baptized. Trev can't teach him  because he lives in another district:(

FaceTiming at Nicole's so Trev can see baby Emmett

Two guy's in white shirts and the man who dreamed about them

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