Monday, May 23, 2016


Hello families and friends,
It is a little different writing you from Greenville as opposed to Grand Prairie; but it's a nice change of scenery. It was kinda sad leaving all the good friends I had made in GP (pero un día, yo puedo
regresar y visitarles). The Ward here is way more helpful and involved; it's like I have parents again. They make sure we get fed every night and it would be a big deal if we didn't. Our new Ward mission leader is really cool and actually helps us so that's a bonus. 

I have a new Greenie missionary for my companion. That was a change of scenery I was definitely glad to have...😬 We are in a bilingual English Ward that just has a few Spanish members. So it's really hard for me to continue to learn Spanish. My companion just bears his testimony
during our Spanish lessons. You can't really blame the guy, there isn't that many Hispanics here plus there is no Spanish Ward so it makes it really hard to learn. Not to mention his companion is far from perfect in his Spanish.

This guy is kinda funny though, this morning I sat in Walmart for an hour waiting for him to make a mug collaged with photos as a gift for his girlfriend that he swears will be his wife. Putting aside the fact that this is completely cliché and not that creative of a gift. As he was almost done I saw him put the title on the top of the mug "Happy Half-Birthday Sweetie" I about chocked myself with my tie. All this for her half-birthday. Needless to say he is a little light in the loafers but overall I like the guy.

This place is really just farms. We get to do a lot of farm work helping people out. I like all the animals. The people here are way more laid back; which is hard because then nothing really gets
done. I have to kind of pick and choose my battles there.

We had a baptism yesterday for an investigator named Krystal. It went well. We have some cool investigators here but most of them have a loose screw or two. 

Love Y'alls,

Krystal's Baptism

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