Monday, May 2, 2016

Sludge Slinging Sunday

Howdy y'all

We had a good week. We did a "noche de hogar" with Estella and her family. It went really well, the video is of the object lesson we did with them. (See attached video) The story I decided to tell you this week is about the Familia Muñoz.

Joel has been working his tail off. He owns his own handy-man company and with the recent heat he has been fixing air conditioners all day. He's also part of a huge renovation project on a house. He literally works until 10:00 every night so we have only been meeting with Vickey this week. She is actually reading now so that's a huge improvement. I sent the sister missionaries over there to just read with her because she doesn't work during the day.

Anyways, English church starts at 9 and Spanish church starts at 11. So we had already gone to English sacrament when I realized they weren't at church this Sunday. We went to their house to figure out what the problem was. Turns out, they didn't come to church because "Joel
has a bunch of stuff to do around the house" (which he kinda did). He was about to start cleaning their pool (which was literally a black cesspool of sin and filth). We made a deal with him that if he went to church we would clean the pool. I wish I had a before and after picture for y'all. We had two pumps - an electric and a gas one. To quicken the process we literally used 5 gallon buckets to get all the water out. After we drained the pool we got down in the pool with a shovel and a buckets and heaved out load after load of black sludge. We encountered some of the biggest spiders I have ever seen and also some snakes (which I still am not sure whether they were poisonous or not). We scrubbed the pool and rinsed it with the hose. After church was over we sat on their couch, read the scriptures with them, and ate some quesadillas. We just did our personal study there because we didn't have time before church. We basically just sat and studied like one big happy family. I really don't feel bad for doing service like that on a Sunday. 

We also brought a member with us to a lesson with them this Tuesday. We ate dinner with that same member yesterday and taught her nonmember daughter the Restoration which went really well. 

Last thing I'll talk about was this awesome contacting activity we did with the Spanish ward. With the help of our bishop we reserved a booth at the local farmers market. On Saturday morning, we brought two ward missionaries and the sister missionaries as well and, while passing out free lemonade, talked to about 1,000 people. We gave out so many Book of Mormons, church DVDs, pamphlets, and pictures of Jesus. It was a huge success! It was such a great way to talk to people because they pretty much couldn't resist the free lemonade. (It was dang good lemonade too, a Hispanic woman in the ward squeezed the lemons herself). 

We have been passing out a lot of Book of Mormons in general recently and the scripture 2 Nephi 29:2 has really been going through my head. Really that whole chapter has been. People here are such knuckleheads and just can't seem to understand modern revelation. I can't tell you how many times this week I heard someone say something to the effect of "A Bible! A Bible! We have got a Bible, and there cannot be any more Bible." People really try and bash with us and it's just the worst, especially in Spanish. Their doctrine lacks significant logic but people that bash usually aren't willing to listen with their heart or mind anyways. Sorry to rant so much to y'all!


Elder Trev

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