Monday, December 12, 2016

Employment Specialist or Poet?

We have been teaching a lot. We were a little bit less busy this week. 
We had set up for so many people to be at church with rides and everything. People came up with the craziest excuses for not coming and I was just really downhearted about it. Our best family came to church though so that was really awesome. This less active named Paulita came to church for the first time in three years; we have been teaching her for awhile and she is just a ray of sunshine. 

So many people need jobs here it's insane. Often times I am more of the ward employment specialist than a missionary.

I wrote this poem this week that I hope y'all like it;)

Christmas Without A Tree
preaching pure salvation 
all across the sea
to people of every nation 

providing a better eternity
sharing the proclamation
working all day for free
so that families are an eternal creation 

perspective is key 
because during this probation
Jesus died for you and me 
happiness is not without tribulation 

it's an investment don't you see
not quite a donation 
the labor of a missionary 
brings profit beyond calculation 

the Lords chosen mercenary 
paid by spiritual sensation 
I will sell all that is earthly 
for I desire a celestial compensation 

so for two years without a tree 
a thought of temporal frustration
happiness in humility 
beyond the natural man's imagination 

-Elder Trevor Pattee

This is our branch Christmas party. I was asked to be the narrator at the last second without a script so I just made it up as I went.

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