Wednesday, February 8, 2017

I didn't write a group email but my companion did...

The Zone
Hey Everybody,

This week was pretty cool. We went over to Carrollton (not really sure how to spell it), for a couple days. They're the other half of our zone (Plano is all one district, then Carrollton has 2 districts, they all make up the Plano/Carrollton zone). There's a couple companionship's that don't have much work, so we spent a day and a half "blitzing" their areas,  meaning a couple companionship's all go visit all their investigators and members and whoever else, to try and stir up more work. It's was a little successful I'd say. 

We also had zone conference, which means we had our zone and another zone meet for meetings and teachings. Elder Anderson is coming in a couple weeks so we talked about that, and listened to a thing from Elder Bednar where he talked about how we can decide what an Apostle will say, and draw things out of them. They asked us to get haircuts if we need them and dress in our best suits (which reminds me, it would be cool to have that grey suit coat by then if you have time to look for pants for it, but if not that's fine to). 

We also helped this Guatemalan family we've been working with get a/move into an apartment. Before they were living in one room of someone else's apartment. They don't speak English and the mom (it's the mom, 2 daughters, and a daughter of one of the daughters), works 2 jobs for like 60-70 hours a week. They have bunch of other problems, but they're lot better off now for sure. The two daughters where baptized in Guatemala, and we're going to baptize the mom later this month.

On Tuesday were going over to help this Honduran family file an appeal to a immigration judge so they can seek "political asylum." There's a ton Venezuelans here that are political refugees. We have to be clear we can't "council" anyone, but we can help translate their forums. After we met with those people, we decided to knock the house across the street just on a whim and it was a Samolian/Muslim family and they weren't interested but we're really nice, and appreciated what we were doing (Muslims believe Jesus was a prophet, but he wasn't the Messiah). We said bye and after sat in our car for a sec looking for and an address or something, and he came out to the car and asked us if we went to other houses and wanted us to know he wasn't an extremist or anything. I guess they were a little worried a couple of dudes in ties knocked on their door then sat outside their house on our phone lol. We explained everything though and he was really cool about it.

We've been running a little low on work so we've been knocking a bit and it's weird how many people think we worship Joseph Smith. It is kind of nice because really Hispanic people don't really care about the Superbowl, so they weren't as annoyed when we knocked during it lol.

We also had stake conference with an area 70 (Elder Larkin). He talked about family history work and the temple and missionary work. He also promised that if we engage in the family history/temple work, the Lord will help alleviate physical and mental troubles. There was also a testimony from a guy who's been coming out to church for his wife and kids for like 40 years but was just baptized a couple months ago, that was cool. They have headphones for Spanish translation but they ran out so Elder Pattee had to translate live for this other couple, he said it was really hard. Also the Choir sang with both the organ AND the piano, it sounded pretty cool. ALSO apparently the guy who wrote "I hope they call me on a mission", Bro Brown, is in this stake! 

Anyway, love you guys! 

Hello Sister Pattee, my name is Dan Adams and we are celebrating Elder Hoggs birthday and
thought you'd also enjoy these photos. He wanted you to see that he is eating salad. LOL!
Thanks you for sharing your son with us!

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