Monday, August 1, 2016


Ahmad and I had a great week! We really hit a good groove and got into some less actives houses, we were just having a good time with them. Both of these families have unbaptized children. In both cases the main reason they aren't baptized is because the fathers are anti-church. There is nothing stopping us but Satin and he doesn't even have a body.

Juan Lopez came to church, I pray all goes well and he doesn't die before his baptismal date next Sunday. He is really sick. I don't think he will die but he has been spending a lot of time in the
hospital. He came to all three hours this week and seemed healthy. 

We got FaceBook this week. Pres Taylor and his wife call it FaithBook. We are part of 15 missions in the whole world that have it out of 400ish. If used properly it could be a great way to find, teach & baptize. The other missions that have had it before have had exponential increases in success. If you want to be my friend my page is Elder Trevor Pattee. Basically what I'll do is unfollow you so I don't see all your politically/socially irrelevant posts but y'all can still be my friend to see my missionary stuff. It's pretty cool we are even allowed to teach lessons with friends and family at home if needed via Facebook and FaceTime.

We were on bikes for a good part of this week and my bike peddle broke in the first five minutes. So I had to re-tighten it on about every two minutes with a mini pocket knife. It was a less than desire experience biking 6 miles in 107 degree heat with a broken peddle but we got where we needed to go. Several times my peddle came completely off in the middle of busy intersections and I had to walk back to retrieve it. However the car is fixed now; I wish they would just give
us 4Runners so we wouldn't have this problem.

My companion an I put our heads together for this project todaySmirking faceInformation desk person🏻🤔🏙 The time lapse videos are definitely worth watching!
Elder Trevor Pattee

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