Monday, August 22, 2016

The church is still true and the book is still blue

This week was pretty good. Juan hasn't died yet so that's a bonus in my book. We went on Wednesday and gave him the Gift of the Holy Ghost in the Hospital. The AC I'm our apartment is broken... Our investigator Robin should be getting baptized real soon here. We are just waiting on a few things that are of our control. We are working hard to better the area here in Greenville. We did find 5 new investigators recently and 4 of them are pretty golden. 

Every other Friday we got a tortilla factory to do service for a part member family. It's hard work we have to carry huge balls of dough that weigh like 200 pounds and the Mexicans there are always yelling at us. Which is hard because my companion can't understand them. But they are coming to church now and hopefully we can teach their kids more. They said they don't believe in God so that makes it hard. But the oldest son actually asked us for 2 books of Mormon, one for him and another for his friends so I would say that's progress.

The church is still true; and the book is still blue

Happy 9 months to me.

Elder TrevOk hand sign🏽Ok hand sign🏽

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