Monday, August 8, 2016

FB Was So 5 Years Ago

We had a good week here in Greenville, It looks like I'll be staying here too for another six weeks. I thought I was leaving but I am totally happy to stay. I know all the members and they treat us really well. My companion and I get along pretty good. But... getting along with anybody 24/7 for 12 weeks is a challenge so keep those prayers coming.
We had a baptism yesterday for Juan Lopez. It was honestly the easiest baptism of my whole mission. He literally just showed up at church one day. He listens and remembers everything I tell him. My companion doesn't speak Spanish so I literally had to teach him all by myself. We got everything set up for the member to perform the baptism yesterday and it went perfectly. So consider him officially reactivated as well.
I have some really good member friends here in Greenville. We really don't have very many investigators here but we have been doing a lot of work with less actives. Probably 20 that haven't been to church in years came to church these last couple weeks! And now we are baptizing all their kids.
Any ideas on how to use Facebook as a missionary? Honestly I just feel like it's super outdated. Members of this church are literally "the select few"so I kind of get the feeling they would be socially aware enough to know that Facebook was so five years ago.
The bottom picture is me with the Familia Acosta; he won the garbageman of the year award.
Elder Trev

Audius Nunes and Juan Lopez

Familia Acosta

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