Monday, January 18, 2016

Not just in Africa

Hey miss you all.
This week was not my favorite, but it wasn't awful. So for my second Sunday in a Spanish ward, I was asked to speak right before church started.  I really stumbled through reading a 5 minute scripture in Spanish and bore my testimony. My Spanish gets better every week.
We were at a fiesta/dinner appointment last night for a family that just got baptized and is leaving to Mexico for like two months. This family is so funny! They are like Mexican Hippies. One of them always says "Amor y Paz" it's so funny. But anyways before we ate dinner
(freaking awesome tómales) we were doing a lesson on the Book of
Mormon, and just like Justin talks about in Africa this woman just
starts breast feeding her child right in front of me. No one else but
me thought anything of it. I figured I would be safe from that kind of
stuff in The U.S but apparently no one is safe. 
We have a lot of progressing investigators and we pick up new
investigators/referrals everyday. The biggest problem with like half
our investigators is that they have a family with kids but they aren't
married. Like the kids all want to be baptized and so do the parents
but they just don't want to get married. It can be really difficult to
tell people that fight all the time and have relationship problems, that the answer is spending eternity together! Overall the mission is great and only getting better. 

Love and miss you all,


This is my zone. We had an awesome zone meeting. We played human Foosball, my companion kicked the ball right into the AP's face, now he has to wear an eye patch.

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