Monday, January 4, 2016

Landed in Dallas

This is the letter we received from Trev's mission President this afternoon... I like the last part
Dear Missionary Family,
We just want to let you know that your missionary has arrived in Dallas and is part of a wonderful group of 11 new missionaries today!
Attached you will see the pictures taken at the Dallas Temple as they came in from the airport.  The group had lunch on the way, and are spending the afternoon and evening in orientation and training.  They will have dinner at the Mission Home with President and Sister Taylor and their family.  Then they will stay the night with a nearby companionship, and in the morning will be introduced to their trainer.  After a little more training together, they will leave for their area and begin their work.  We will follow up with a letter letting you know where they are serving and who their trainer is.
You will receive another email after transfers are complete with the actual location of your missionary.  Monday is their preparation day, so you should receive an email from them next week telling you about their first week in the Mission.  I’m sure you’re looking forward to that!
Thank you for sending us your missionary!  This will be a great experience for them.
 Brian K. Taylor, President
Texas Dallas Mission
P.S. Elder Pattee said “Tell my mom I love her”

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