Friday, January 1, 2016

Last Email From The MTC

If you can believe it this is my last letter in the MTC! Nathan made it to the MTC and was able join me for a glass of bubbly for New Years Eve! He's going to be an awesome missionary. New Year's was fun but short lived because I try to be good at getting in bed on time. 

Christmas was awesome here and defiantly one to remember. David Archuleta (no idea how to spell his name) came and David Bednar spoke.

Some days I wish I just spoke English so I could better express my feelings but I am much improved on my Spanish and even though I still have a long ways to go, I know enough to say what's important and I have a bright outlook that I will continue to learn quickly. 

This week I have started to study with my investigators in mind, opposed to just studying with the intent of strengthening my own testimony and learning for myself. For a missionary this is such a better way to study because Christ didn't study and teach for himself he did it for others. I am continuing to study a lot in the New Testament in preparation for the Bible belt. I am starting to understand a lot more about Jesus Christ and I am really falling in love with his teachings.  

Yesterday we had "infield orientation" which is like a big seminar every missionary does before they leave. Anyways I went into it with a positive attitude. The seminar was from 8 in the morning to 5 at  night. By about 12 O'clock I had come to the conclusion that I was going to have more gray hairs than a senior missionary before the day was over. I was just having pretty pessimistic thoughts about missions in general (which isn't a good thing but hey that's how I felt). Anyways I said a prayer and about 30 minutes to an hour later, we started doing like mock missionary conversations with investigators. I was so much happier to share with this person the gospel message, with a genuine smile on my face tell them of the joys that it gives me and how it could do the same for them. Afterwards when we returned to our seats I felt the spirit so strong and was blessed with such a better outlook on my mission. It was a true answered prayer. 

Stay Stylish My Friends! New Years Eve with Nathan

The MTC Elite. True homies. All these guys have great stories!

Elder Lee and Jacobson
Elder Sullivan,  he's one of the only people that had any sarcasm 

​We were going for the Step Brothers look here. Did we pull it off?
Elder Sablan 
Heading Our Separate Ways
My Acquisition 

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