Monday, February 8, 2016

Baptism Numero Uno!

One of my companions got ET'd, so I am in a normal companionship now. It's hard to explain. Basically there was some mission drama. Obviously there was no problems with my companions, we'er all cool. It was just with other missionaries. We do exchanges a lot.

We have had so many meetings this week with like zones and stuff. I am really trying to be more organized. We have so many appointments, it gets way hectic especially in the evenings. I am getting more excited about missionary work and for the most part, it is becoming more fun.

The baptism this week was awesome. It started @ 4 and we still got an awesome turn out from the ward. Alli and Sean's dad came to the baptism, so hopefully we can start to work with him more too.

The Spanish family is getting baptized on the 20th or the 22nd of Feb. They are super solid and cool. We probably having like 20 plus people we are teaching. 3 families are really close to getting baptized, but they have to get married first. Anyways one of them for sure is getting married on the 20th of Feb. We are working on dates for the other two.

Also story of the week. This member got sooo mad at me on the phone! I called her because we had to cancel dinner. I was super nice and respectful, we had a really good reason to cancel. But she flipped out on me! It was a real pain but we had to readjust our whole day, with way important appointments to make her happy. This lady was not very nice! It was actually a white person, so it was just like roast. She really acted like a child though. Especially after I had explained myself. Not gonna lie, mom yelling at me did help me prepare for this (Not that I condone yelling at kids).

Love you guys. 

Elder Gay, Trev, Allie, Sean and Elder El-Bakri

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