Monday, February 29, 2016

Come into my office

We had a pretty sweet week. We have this one family that is so cool. If they get baptized my whole mission would be worth it just for them. They have been to church 4 times now and they came to second hour for the 1st time yesterday and really liked it. They said, "they have really been looking for a place where they can learn about Jesus Christ by someone who knows what they are talking about." But for a Hispanic family they have a way nice house. They order us take out every time we come over. They truly are homies!
Also, the Ramirez family that was baptized last week got their limited use temple recommends yesterday and we are going to go do baptisms for the dead here soon. We have some other cool investigators/less actives that we are working on.

My companion and I bike a ton now. Everyday is leg day for me. I try and convince all our investigators to meet us at the church. Sometimes it's pretty fun because we will schedule three or four appointments in a row at the church. So I just stay in my office at the church (The Relief Society room) and when we are done teaching one investigator the next one comes in. It's awesome and way more efficient.

Love Y'all
Elder Trev
Valentines from the Ramirez family

Sean and Allie

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