Monday, February 1, 2016

Still Washing Cars

This was a pretty dang cool week, besides the homesickness. I am continuing to adjust to missionary life and just figuring out what I am good at and what I need to work on. My Spanish is coming along. My freaking huge companion broke my balance board.

One of the investigators in our Spanish ward owns a car lot. So for a service project this week we went and washed his cars. He and his family are investigating. It was fun to wash cars again. Lol

Anyway I have my first baptisms on Sunday. Its this family, that the mom was inactive and now she is active again. Her two kids Allie and Sean, are getting baptized too! We have so many lessons in our companionship that we end up going on splits a lot to cover all the lessons. So I have really taught these kids all by myself. Luckily they speak English! They are sooo smart and interested. They have like a million questions. I love them so much, especially the girl.

We have another family getting baptized too in like a couple weeks. They are from the Spanish Ward. They have three kids. I'll take a picture of them at the baptism. 

I made the applesauce cake today. We didn't have vinegar so I hope it turned out. We actually ended up using the cake for a sister missionary's birthday, good outcome.

At The Car Wash
Allie and Sean

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