Monday, February 15, 2016

Missing the heck out of Eagle!

Man sometimes I just miss the heck out of Eagle. My dad sent me a picture of Scotty skiing in the sunshine and it killed me. I sent this response to my dad. "One of my favorite things ever is skiing at bogus when there are inversions. I would just wear my sunglasses and a flannel shirt. Then jam to the beach boys with the windows down once I got above the clouds. The sunshine would just
boost my moral. That's one of the best ways to spend the day."

Good news though! I just found out that I get to stay in the same area, with my same companion. We have been getting along so well. We even talk to each other the "Tu" form. So that's super awesome. I am so pumped that we get to keep all our investigators. The only downside is that we will be on bikes now... Sooo we are going to have to plan our routes out really well to get even close to the same amount of work done. But, the Lords work is definitely progressing here in Grand Prairie.

Satan really knows how to temp me. One of our ward members just bought a MasterCraft, he knows my love for water sports! He came up to me at a ward party and said "hey why don't you bring an investigator and we will take you out on the boat"?  I had to use every seed of faith I had ever planted to tell him that it's against the rules for missionaries to even get on boats.
Love and miss you all

Hermano Y Hermana Merrill
Sis ? and Sis Barntley


  1. Looks like good families, good foods, and a great missionary!

  2. Looks like good families, good foods, and a great missionary!