Monday, March 28, 2016

Messages From Heaven

We tracked a lot this week, just inviting people to church and sharing the Easter message about Jesus Christ. We started doing this new finding method called "the message from heaven." It's actually pretty effective. Basically what you do is while tracting an apartment complex you have your companion go to the floor above you, you knock the door and start talking to the future investigator. You explain that you are missionaries and just talk to them for a second. If they
seem interested you say "we actually have a special message from heaven" then your companion drops the book and you catch the book and explain it to them. So far every time we've done it people have accepted the book. It's kinda hard sometimes because it's so funny, but you just have to remember that every person you are talking to is important, so you keep a straight face and really take it seriously while still having a good time.

Really don't have a ton of time to write this group email. I am alive, Easter was good. I really got some great personal study in. Also really didn't take any pictures and I don't have my journal so I
don't really remember anything. I'll write a better email next week. 

In the picture, Elder Gay and I were angels in the ward play during church. It was actually really well done. It made me think about how real the event of Christ being resurrected really was. 

Today this old sister missionary cut my hair and she literally gave me a bowl cut. I might have to fix it myself tonight.

My companion, while we were on our way home from playing basketball for pday, rear ended this guy.  Ugh such a pain. No one was hurt or anything. The cars were pretty much undamaged.

Anyways love y'all
Elder Trev

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