Monday, March 21, 2016

Sometimes You Get To Play Jesus

This week went by so fast but we got a lot done. We always ask Hispanics what they think about Donald Trump, they always say "El es una racista" We always pretend to agree as they talk  about how great Hillary Clinton and Obama are.
We picked up a lot of new investigators this week, so I will keep y'all in the loop as they progress. Elder Gay got sick last night and literally woke up every 30 minutes to puke his guts out. It was pretty disgusting having to listen to it. He seems to be doing a lot better today.
I got to play Jesus in the ward play. It was a good time. They all told me "bien hecho" which means good job. One night we went to a ward party for an elder that was leaving to Mexico. The food was killer as always. It's going to be kind of hard going back home and having to eat white people food. We had 4 investigators there and the spirit was really strong, they were fellowshipped so hard. Our ward is really social. It's amazing and really makes a big difference.
Last night we stopped by the Hernandez House (guy who owns the car lot). This man is a baller, he started working in he corn fields at age 6. Then he moved here from El Salvador and started his car lot with one car, now he is literally living the American Dream. His house is way nice too, which is pretty rare here. When we got there they were having a family papusa party (one of the best foods that has ever been invented) so we ate with them and just mingled for awhile. There was one member there, 4 missionaries and probably 20 other people. It was way loud but we got everyone's attention and showed the Easter video. Everyone calmed down and watched the video,
the spirit was so strong. Elder Gay and I preached about Jesus Christ to them like Dan Jones in Spanish. We really tried to help them recognize the difference of how they felt from when we started and how they felt while we were watching and talking about the video. They really recognized it and we had a great discussion. It really was cool to see.

Love Y'all
Elder Pattee

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