Monday, March 14, 2016

Moving Day

This week was a good one. Members treated us really well and we were blessed with success, new friendships and tons of food. Honestly I don't really remember much about this week and I don't have my journal with me.

Saturday was a good hard day of work though. First the Muñoz took us to this sweet place for breakfast. They talked about how they believe in the restoration, how it makes to them feel. They are reaching out to their family too and even brought extended family to church with them on Sunday.
We helped move an investigator, she's a school bus driver. She had so much furniture in her house it was ridiculous. We filled up 2 U-haul trucks just Elder Gay and I. But the lady gave us a brand new Bowflex home gym machine because she was too frail to use it. Then both our appointments fell though, so we decided to go knock this huge apartment complex. Just as we peddled into the complex we saw this older black man with this huge U-haul moving in. We asked if we could help, with some persistence we talked him into letting us help. They live on the third story. We literally spent the rest of the night helping this guy move in. There is probably 12 people living there and we have a return appointment with all of them this week. We were talking to this mans wife and she said that moments before we got there, she had said a prayer asking for help. Cool stuff.
Our English ward starts at nine O'clock and the place was just empty. Satin wrecked that ward and our investigators with time change. So we went and knocked on all our 11 O'clock Spanish ward Investigators doors reminding them of the time change. We had 7 investigators in just our Spanish ward.

Love you all,
Elder Trev

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