Monday, November 14, 2016

Cutting it up in Plano

So Thursday morning it was kinda hot in our apartment so I went to open the window. The window was stuck, and when I was trying to unjam it the thin window broke and sliced up my hand. I looked down and could clearly see several bones and ligaments before the bleeding started. We took off to the hospital, basically ruining the mission car with blood. I got a whole bunch of stitches (28) and 2 hours later we were back knocking on doors. My companion didn't bring his iPad to the hospital so we don't have any pictures of all the cuts before the stitches.

The man I told you about Roel Silva from last week came to church again. And so did another man we are teaching named Jeyson. I bet Jeyson is the next to get baptized.

Elder Trev

A bloody mess
Trev and Elder Richins showing off his stitches.

Hair cut day.

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