Monday, November 7, 2016

Hola Gringos y Gringas

We had what was probably the busiest week of my mission. This area is awesome, there are unlimited people to teach here. We even had to teach people today we are so busy. 

I just want to tell two stories from the week and then I am going to go wreck my new companion in basketball. His name is Elder Richins, he is from Nampa. He actually played basketball in high school, he only has two transfers left in his mission and he is pretty shy. I really enjoy the guy though.

First story: one morning I was scrolling through our area book and I was drawn to a man I had called several times before named Roel Silva. He just would never make an appointment with us for one reason or another. I knew what apartment complex he lived in; I just didn't know the number. Which wouldn't be a big deal if was a small complex but there is probably 200+ apartments at this address. Anyways that night we had an appointment with Jose in what happened to be the same complex where Roel lives (Jose is currently MIA and that just tears me up inside but that's a story for another day). Turns out Jose wasn't home and the member we were with suggested we should knock some doors. About the 7th door we knocked and a man answers and said I am Roel Silva. My companion and the member didn't even know what was going on but I knew who Roel Silva was, He was the man who I had though about teaching that very morning. I started talking to him as if we were old friends. He invited us in and we had a good lesson on baptism. The dudes fighting diabetes and cancer but doesn't even swerve. He invited himself to church. This happened on like Wednesday then on Friday we ran into him just walking down the street, we stopped and talked and I gave him directions to the church. He actually came to church like an hour early because he didn't know about the time change. And for second hour we just taught him the restoration for the first time with the member that was with us when we ran into Roel on the street. Be sure to check out next months Ensign™ article on Roel Silva "Cancer Survivor and Recent Convert"

The other day we found an English investigator that seemed to have some pretty good potential. The sister missionaries called me asking me to describe her so they know what she looked like. I replied "on a
scale of 1-10 she is like a 6". They seemed to be irritated with me... I was just giving an accurate description.


Elder Trev

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