Monday, October 17, 2016

Going Teancum

These past two weeks we have had the opportunity to go to the temple in the morning and help remodel. It has been so fun, we get to wear these white scrubs. It was like being a doctor. But it was cool because even though it was literally a full blown construction zone there was still that special temple spirit.
Our new investigator Jose was acting like a child this week. He stood us up all night on Saturday for a single adult convention/dance he wanted us to go to and translate for him. After telling us he was "25 minutes away" and that he was "on his way"; about an hour and a half later I finally just left to go do missionary work. Turns out he actually showed up at about 9 O'clock. I was about to go straight Teancum on the guy.
We are trying to start a Spanish class here on Saturday mornings. Our first week we had 0 people, last week we had 1 person (non-member). So hopefully we can keep growing it, it would probably be a really good way to find investigators.

We are having some good success with less actives but we are struggling to baptize at this point. Hopefully as we strengthen the branch the baptisms will come as well.

A big shout out  to everyone that sent packages this week and videos! And to Elder Dertina for taking me out to lunch today. We got some Cajun food, it was awesome.

Love y'all,
Elder Trev
Elder Durtian bought Trev Cajun food  for his birthday.

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