Monday, October 24, 2016


We had a good week, things are really starting to pick up here. But it's not that we have been working that much harder we have simply been blessed. We taught a lot of lessons. Our English class we started is really growing, our first week we had 0, the next week we had 1 and now this week we had 2. It's an excellent way to help people get to the church, it's a really relaxed environment. So hopefully our class keeps improving.

Thank you to everyone that hooked me up for my birthday. Some of the packages didn't have names so I can't really thank everyone individually but thanks ya'll, it mean a lot! The Nova family hooked us up with dinner and a birthday cake. The kids really had a good time and then that family came to church for the first time since I have been here in Plano.
Yesterday I felt like Adam Richmond (from Man VS Food), we ate so much food. We had just finished helping a family move (welcome to missionary work in america) so the person we helped gave us a couple Mexican Popsicle's and we were on our way. We arrived at our dinner appointment and the member took us to in-n-out; so obviously I got a cheese burger, fries and a shake. Right after we went to our new investigators from Honduras; they had prepared a feast for us. We sat down at the table and they put down two Costa Vida™ sized burritos for each of us. I barley finished both the tasty Central American burritos. Just imagine sitting at a table with all that food in front of you... But as soon as I finished the wife brought out a plate of chicken and rice with a side of potato salad. I don't even like potato salad. I said a prayer to give me the strength to finish. It's pretty impolite to not finish your plate; probably in every country that's not the USA. I told my companion about food fights and he about lost his mind that people would so playfully waste food.  Also, I started talking politics to my companion. Huge mistake. His name tag my say Elder Gomez but it should say Elder Sanders. Needless to say I will not bring that up again.

One of the new families we are teaching is so difficult. They have all these hard questions and they even came to church but they will only accept scriptures from the bible. I have been cramming bible scriptures studying for lessons. But their hearts are hard, instead of looking for ways to answer their questions they try and prove every answer wrong. It's a huge headache. But I feel they have a lot of potential. Unfortunately the wife has her shirt down during lessons to feed her child... #distracting. We had a really good Sunday school lesson with them so hopefully things are on the up and up. We had two other cool investigators show up at church, everyone just works so much here. No one makes time for Jesus. 

One of the real highlights of the week is all of the Elders in the mission got together to listen to Sheri Dew speak. She is the CEO of Dessert Book. She was awesome. I have never been so impressed by a speaker before. She dominates the English language and could destroy anyone I have ever met when it comes to doctrine. She talked about some really cool things: Angels, Priesthood power ect. It's really nice going to those big meetings and having friends now. There is so many missionaries that I am so tight with. I remember at the start of my mission when I knew nobody except my companion and now I have some really tight lifelong friends.

Life is good in Dallas,

Elder Trev 
Trev's first comps Elder Gay & Elder El-Bakri

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