Monday, October 3, 2016

Service with a smile

So I am now in the Plano 2 branch. Things look really awesome. It's a pretty small branch but the members help with the missionary work and we have a few solid looking investigators.
We did some awesome service projects this week that I really enjoyed. We helped the Castro family cut down this giant tree in their backyard. We were like 25' up in this tree with chain saws, it was a great time. Service with a smile on my end for sure. Then we helped this super solid part member family install some new laminate flooring. Their son is 14 years old and looks like David
Archuleta, but he is a chill kid. He and his dad have lost interest in the gospel.
I really like my new companion though. His name is Elder Gomez Alonso, he is from Mexico. He could be on track to be my favorite companion yet. He reminds me so much of Justin, he talks just like him and he has the same mannerisms. It cracks me up sometimes how similar they are.
I haven't been in a Spanish only area pretty much my whole mission so between that and having a native companion my Spanish is really on the up and up. Sometimes I get kinda intimidated because his grammar is more advanced. But it's a good chance to step my game up.

Love y'all mucho
Elder Trev🌮

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