Monday, October 3, 2016

Still lingering in my nostrils

We fasted with our investigator Jessica Aryollo this week. So hopefully that helps her find her answer.

This week was over all really great. We found this new investigator named Dan. We were on our way from trying to visit a less active and we saw this guy standing next to his truck on the phone, smoking a cigarette. We decided to talk to him anyway and he hung up the phone to listen to us. He basically just said we could come back later and that was about it. So a few days later we come back. We had a lesson with him on his front porch on baptism. He accepted our invitation to be baptized. His only question was "what's the address to the church?" So hopefully Daniel is able to be taught and progress.

We watched conference Saturday with some of our stud members "the Adam's family". Hermana Adams invited all of the youth to come over and there was a great turn out. We invited a recent convert and she actually came. In between sessions we had some of the best tacos I have ever seen a white person make. 

After the second session of conference we had a dinner appointment with some members. We had just eaten a huge lunch a couple hours earlier. We walked in and sat down... For each of us there was a nice plate of flautas, (just like fried chicken tacos) so I thought at was going to be the whole dinner. Then she put down two huge bowls of menudo.Pot of food (which is cow stomach soup). There were some huge chunks of stomach in there. The taste of the intestine really isn't bad but the texture is just soo chewy. The worst part was the smell, it's still lingering in my nostrils.

Sunday conference was awesome, I really loved the second session. Some of the apostles were dropping fire. One of our Spanish members brought a co-worker with her to conference at the church. He was a businessman from Bolivia. We had lunch with them in between sessions and it went really well. I feel like one of the main messages of conference was member missionary work. They brought out the MTC choir and everything. I understand not everyone is going to be on the same level as Chuck Cooley but we could all probably step our game up.

Love y'all,
Elder Trev Pattee
Elder Gomez Alonso

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